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Savannah, Georgia 24.07.

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to explore the stunning Savannah city! We were there to capture and celebrate a wonderful backyard wedding (images coming soon), and gave ourselves a few days to have some fun after we worked!

We spent one day relaxing at Tybee Island and viewing the lighthouse, and the other days strolling the historic cobblestone streets! Savannah was full of awesome places – we visited vintage stores, a record shop, oddity and antique stores, ate delicious foods, took a haunted pub crawl, and photographed all the lovely nooks and crannies of such a beautiful Southern city!

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

I found a disposable camera with cat overlays at Urban Outfitters and it was super fun! Great idea, not executed the absolute best, but it was cute! Definitely inspired me to try to create my own!

southern film photographer_0000

southern film photographer_0000

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Flea Land: Oddities in Alabama 20.07.

Working title on a book I hope to publish alongside a friend! I’m keeping the film images under wraps, but I couldn’t resist some instant gratification from with my phone – so voila! Oh, Alabama!

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Yellowhammered 10.07.

Summer weekends are usually spent at Yellowhammer Brewery, but I don’t discriminate where I can grab a brew and see a great band – so more of this please Huntsville 🙂

Counterclock Wise at Coppertop!


fashion accessories and blue light specials!

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Italy (Part Two – Instagram) 02.07.

I explain the trip in more detail on the film post, but here are the instagram snaps I took while abroad! Fun times! Italy, one day I want to return and explore every nook and cranny!


Cinque Terre



You can view part two and all of it’s film glory here!

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Italy (Part One – Film) 24.06.

I must admit, this year started with quite a bang! My husband and I have been fortunate enough to travel to both Hawaii and Italy…all before Summer! Although we “only” had eight days in the romantic country, we jam packed a ton of great sights and and adventures! We started our trip in Milan, followed by Riomaggiore, Florence, and finally, Rome. Between the architecture, food, and wine, I was in heaven with my favorite travel partner! I brought along my Olympus XA2 and Fuji GA645 to capture the trip in both 35mm and 120mm!

While each city gave us inspiration and great times, my favorite part of the trip was the 12 mile hike we did across all five towns in Cinque Terre. I found Pall’s site, Trekguyd, through Trip Advisor. Not only was he an INCREDIBLE tour guide, but he went above and beyond helping Andy and I secure our train tickets and provided wonderful company while we were in Riomaggoire. His knowledge of the area was just as amazing as the scenery! I highly recommend reaching out to Pall if you visit that area – hands down the best part of the trip! It was an absolutely breathtaking experience being on top of the mountains, looking down at the colorful buildings and acres of vineyards. The entire Cinque Terre area stole my heart and I can’t wait venture there again!

Below is a medley of shots from our stay in Italy! Most of the frames are film, however there are some digital shots sprinkled in (mainly any nighttime photos). Italy is a photographer’s paradise and I can’t wait to explore other regions of the country when we return!


italian film wedding photographer_0000

italian film wedding photographer_0001

italian film photographer_0000

italian film photographer_0001

italian film photographer_0002

italian film photographer_0003

italian film photographer_0004

italian film photographer_0005

italian film photographer_0006

italian film photographer_0008

italian film photographer_0007

italian film photographer_0020

italian film photographer_0021

italian film photographer_0022

italian film photographer_0023

italian film photographer_0009

italian film photographer_0010

italian film photographer_0011

italian film photographer_0012

italian film photographer_0013

italian film photographer_0014

italian film photographer_0015

italian film photographer_0016

italian film photographer_0017

italian film photographer_0018

italian film photographer_0024

italian film photographer_0025

italian film photographer_0026

italian film photographer_0027

italian film photographer_0028

italian film photographer_0029

italian film photographer_0030

Cinque Terre

italian film wedding photographer_0002

italian film wedding photographer_0003

italian film wedding photographer_0005

italian film wedding photographer_0004

italian film wedding photographer_0006

italian film wedding photographer_0007

italian film wedding photographer_0010

italian film wedding photographer_0008

italian film wedding photographer_0011

italian film wedding photographer_0009

italian film wedding photographer_0015

italian film wedding photographer_0012

italian film wedding photographer_0013

italian film wedding photographer_0014

italian film wedding photographer_0016

italian film wedding photographer_0017

italian film wedding photographer_0019

italian film wedding photographer_0020

italian film wedding photographer_0021

italian film wedding photographer_0022

italian film wedding photographer_0023

italian film wedding photographer_0024

italian film wedding photographer_0025

italian film wedding photographer_0026

italian film wedding photographer_0028

italian film wedding photographer_0029

italian film wedding photographer_0032

italian film wedding photographer_0027

italian film wedding photographer_0033

italian film photographer_0031

italian film photographer_0032

italian film photographer_0033

italian film photographer_0034

italian film photographer_0035

italian film photographer_0036

italian film photographer_0037

italian film photographer_0038

italian film photographer_0039

italian film photographer_0040

italian film photographer_0041

italian film photographer_0042

italian film photographer_0043

italian film photographer_0044

italian film photographer_0045

italian film photographer_0046

italian film photographer_0047

italian film photographer_0048

italian film photographer_0049

italian film photographer_0050

italian film photographer_0051

italian film photographer_0052

italian film photographer_0053

italian film photographer_0054

italian film photographer_0055

italian film photographer_0056

italian film photographer_0057

italian film photographer_0058

italian film photographer_0059

italian film photographer_0060

italian film photographer_0061

italian film photographer_0062

italian film photographer_0063

italian film photographer_0065

italian film photographer_0066

italian film photographer_0067

italian film photographer_0068

italian film photographer_0069

italian film photographer_0070

italian film photographer_0071

italian film photographer_0072

italian film photographer_0073

italian film photographer_0074

italian film photographer_0075

italian film photographer_0076

italian film photographer_0077

italian film photographer_0078

italian film photographer_0079

italian film photographer_0080

italian film photographer_0081

italian film photographer_0082

italian film photographer_0083

italian film photographer_0084

italian film photographer_0085

italian film photographer_0086

italian film photographer_0087

italian film photographer_0088

italian film photographer_0089

italian film photographer_0090

italian film photographer_0091

italian film photographer_0092

italian film photographer_0093

italian film photographer_0094

italian film photographer_0095

italian film photographer_0096

italian film photographer_0097

italian film photographer_0098

italian film photographer_0099

italian film photographer_0100

italian film photographer_0101

italian film photographer_0102

italian film photographer_0103

italian film photographer_0104

italian film photographer_0105

italian film photographer_0106

italian film photographer_0107

italian film photographer_0108

italian film photographer_0109

italian film photographer_0110

italian film photographer_0111

italian film photographer_0112

italian film photographer_0113

italian film photographer_0114

italian film photographer_0115

italian film photographer_0116

italian film photographer_0117

italian film photographer_0118

italian film photographer_0119

italian film photographer_0120


italian film wedding photographer_0034

italian film wedding photographer_0035

italian film wedding photographer_0036

italian film wedding photographer_0037

italian film wedding photographer_0038

italian film wedding photographer_0039

italian film wedding photographer_0040

italian film wedding photographer_0041

italian film wedding photographer_0042

italian film wedding photographer_0043

italian film wedding photographer_0044

italian film wedding photographer_0045

italian film wedding photographer_0046

italian film wedding photographer_0047

italian film wedding photographer_0048

italian film wedding photographer_0049

italian film wedding photographer_0050

italian film wedding photographer_0051

italian film wedding photographer_0052

italian film wedding photographer_0053

italian film wedding photographer_0054

italian film wedding photographer_0055

italian film photographer_0121

italian film photographer_0122

italian film photographer_0123

italian film photographer_0124

italian film photographer_0125

italian film photographer_0126

italian film photographer_0127

italian film photographer_0128

italian film photographer_0130

italian film photographer_0131

italian film photographer_0132

italian film photographer_0133

italian film photographer_0134

italian film photographer_0135

italian film photographer_0136

italian film photographer_0137

italian film photographer_0138

italian film photographer_0139

italian film photographer_0140

italian film photographer_0141

italian film photographer_0143

italian film photographer_0144

italian film photographer_0145

italian film photographer_0146

italian film photographer_0147

italian film photographer_0148

italian film photographer_0151

italian film photographer_0152

italian film photographer_0153

italian film photographer_0154

italian film photographer_0155

italian film photographer_0156

italian film photographer_0157

italian film photographer_0158

italian film photographer_0159

italian film photographer_0160

italian film photographer_0161

italian film photographer_0162

italian film photographer_0163

italian film photographer_0164

italian film photographer_0165

italian film photographer_0166

italian film photographer_0167

italian film photographer_0168

italian film photographer_0169

italian film photographer_0170


italian film wedding photographer_0056

italian film wedding photographer_0057

italian film wedding photographer_0058

italian film wedding photographer_0059

italian film wedding photographer_0060

italian film wedding photographer_0061

italian film wedding photographer_0062

italian film wedding photographer_0063

italian film wedding photographer_0064

italian film wedding photographer_0065

italian film wedding photographer_0066

italian film wedding photographer_0067

italian film wedding photographer_0068

italian film wedding photographer_0069

italian film wedding photographer_0071

italian film wedding photographer_0070

italian film photographer_0171

italian film photographer_0172

italian film photographer_0173

italian film photographer_0174

italian film photographer_0175

italian film photographer_0176

italian film photographer_0177

italian film photographer_0178

italian film photographer_0179

italian film photographer_0180

italian film photographer_0181

italian film photographer_0182

italian film photographer_0183

italian film photographer_0184

italian film photographer_0185

italian film photographer_0186

italian film photographer_0187

italian film photographer_0188

italian film photographer_0189

italian film photographer_0190

italian film photographer_0191

italian film photographer_0192

italian film photographer_0194

italian film photographer_0193

italian film photographer_0195

italian film photographer_0197

italian film photographer_0196

italian film photographer_0198

italian film photographer_0199

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Dear Kauai, I Love You (Part Two – Film) 22.05.

I posted text and the instagram shots about our Kauai experience here, so I’ll get right to the point with these film scans! Yay! PS – I’m also so in love with film…so happy I made this venture back into analog!

hawaii film photographer_0067

hawaii film photographer_0207

hawaii film photographer_0176

hawaii film photographer_0208

hawaii film photographer_0177

hawaii film photographer_0178

hawaii film photographer_0179

hawaii film photographer_0070

hawaii film photographer_0065

hawaii film photographer_0068

hawaii film photographer_0165

hawaii film photographer_0069

hawaii film photographer_0167

hawaii film photographer_0171

hawaii film photographer_0173

hawaii film photographer_0172

hawaii film photographer_0166

hawaii film photographer_0175

hawaii film photographer_0174

hawaii film photographer_0180

hawaii film photographer_0181

hawaii film photographer_0182

hawaii film photographer_0183

hawaii film photographer_0184

hawaii film photographer_0185

hawaii film photographer_0211

hawaii film photographer_0186

hawaii film photographer_0209

hawaii film photographer_0187

hawaii film photographer_0210

hawaii film photographer_0188

hawaii film photographer_0213

hawaii film photographer_0189

hawaii film photographer_0190

hawaii film photographer_0191

hawaii film photographer_0192

hawaii film photographer_0193

hawaii film photographer_0194

hawaii film photographer_0195

hawaii film photographer_0214

hawaii film photographer_0071

hawaii film photographer_0074

hawaii film photographer_0072

hawaii film photographer_0073

hawaii film photographer_0075

hawaii film photographer_0077

hawaii film photographer_0076

hawaii film photographer_0078

hawaii film photographer_0079

hawaii film photographer_0081

hawaii film photographer_0084

hawaii film photographer_0083

hawaii film photographer_0085

hawaii film photographer_0086

hawaii film photographer_0087

hawaii film photographer_0088

hawaii film photographer_0089

hawaii film photographer_0198

hawaii film photographer_0058

hawaii film photographer_0059

hawaii film photographer_0216

hawaii film photographer_0063

hawaii film photographer_0062

hawaii film photographer_0061

hawaii film photographer_0091

hawaii film photographer_0096

hawaii film photographer_0217

hawaii film photographer_0093

hawaii film photographer_0097

hawaii film photographer_0092

hawaii film photographer_0098

hawaii film photographer_0099

hawaii film photographer_0100

hawaii film photographer_0102

hawaii film photographer_0101

hawaii film photographer_0103

hawaii film photographer_0105

hawaii film photographer_0151

hawaii film photographer_0106

hawaii film photographer_0108

hawaii film photographer_0107

hawaii film photographer_0109

hawaii film photographer_0110

hawaii film photographer_0111

hawaii film photographer_0112

hawaii film photographer_0113

hawaii film photographer_0114

hawaii film photographer_0115

hawaii film photographer_0117

hawaii film photographer_0118

hawaii film photographer_0116

hawaii film photographer_0119

hawaii film photographer_0121

hawaii film photographer_0122

hawaii film photographer_0123

hawaii film photographer_0125

hawaii film photographer_0124

hawaii film photographer_0126

hawaii film photographer_0127

hawaii film photographer_0128

hawaii film photographer_0133

hawaii film photographer_0134

hawaii film photographer_0219

hawaii film photographer_0135

hawaii film photographer_0136

hawaii film photographer_0138

hawaii film photographer_0139

hawaii film photographer_0140

hawaii film photographer_0145

hawaii film photographer_0141

hawaii film photographer_0143

hawaii film photographer_0142

hawaii film photographer_0144

hawaii film photographer_0147

hawaii film photographer_0218

hawaii film photographer_0148

hawaii film photographer_0149

hawaii film photographer_0224

hawaii film photographer_0150

hawaii film photographer_0197

hawaii film photographer_0153

hawaii film photographer_0155

hawaii film photographer_0159

hawaii film photographer_0157

hawaii film photographer_0156

hawaii film photographer_0158

hawaii film photographer_0160

hawaii film photographer_0161

hawaii film photographer_0030

hawaii film photographer_0031

hawaii film photographer_0032

hawaii film photographer_0034

hawaii film photographer_0033

hawaii film photographer_0035

hawaii film photographer_0152

hawaii film photographer_0036

hawaii film photographer_0037

hawaii film photographer_0040

hawaii film photographer_0039

hawaii film photographer_0038

hawaii film photographer_0042

hawaii film photographer_0044

hawaii film photographer_0043

hawaii film photographer_0045

hawaii film photographer_0046

hawaii film photographer_0047

hawaii film photographer_0048

hawaii film photographer_0049

hawaii film photographer_0052

hawaii film photographer_0050

hawaii film photographer_0051

hawaii film photographer_0053

hawaii film photographer_0054

hawaii film photographer_0055

hawaii film photographer_0016

hawaii film photographer_0000

hawaii film photographer_0005

hawaii film photographer_0006

hawaii film photographer_0007

hawaii film photographer_0008

hawaii film photographer_0009

hawaii film photographer_0010

hawaii film photographer_0011

hawaii film photographer_0013

hawaii film photographer_0014

hawaii film photographer_0200

hawaii film photographer_0201

hawaii film photographer_0129

hawaii film photographer_0130

hawaii film photographer_0131

hawaii film photographer_0132

hawaii film photographer_0204

hawaii film photographer_0202

hawaii film photographer_0203

hawaii film photographer_0205

hawaii film photographer_0206

hawaii film photographer_0220

hawaii film photographer_0221

hawaii film photographer_0222

hawaii film photographer_0223

hawaii film photographer_0215

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Dear Kauai, I Love You (Part One – Instagram) 22.05.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Everyone should experience Kauai. While I’m sure every island of Hawaii is stunning, Kauai is absolutely magical! We woke up every morning with the sun rise and started the day breathing the fresh air in our “Thai Garden House“. There were fruit trees surrounding us and an organic garden right outside our doorway. We found Anthony & Hami’s place on airbnb. The pictures and descriptions don’t do the property or hosts justice. Not only did they ensure our stay was comfortable, but they invited us to a potluck at their place (complete with a ukulele and guitar player and hula dancing)! Another huge bonus, we were only a ten minute walk from one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen – Moloaa Bay!

We spent time exploring beach towns, hiking in jungles, canoeing a river (which turned into a crazy survival “adventure” – story for another day y’all), swimming in waterfall pools, snorkeling with fish (and eels – eep!), feeding chickens (and cats – they are EVERYWHERE! Yay!), sightseeing canyons, traversing coastlines, eating delicious meals and exotic fruits, and soaking in every single inch of scenery!

I brought along an entire backpack of film (35 and 120mm) and a few of my favorite travel cameras. Thank goodness they still make waterproof disposable cameras (they came in handy during our snorkeling and river days). It was wonderful to re-live every moment when my film scans were sent to me! I was definitely not ready to come home and I cried 4 times when leaving the island. I have a strong feeling that at some point in our lives together, Andy and I will make Kauai our home (in some form or fashion).

Read Part Two (Film) here!

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2014 Hopefulutions 02.01.

2013 was super exciting! Between all of the travels, friends, family, and growth (personal and business), it’s been a year for the books! The 2013 Year in Review post has more details and photos! Here are the hopes for the New Year, along with commentary about last year’s hopefulutions!

2014 Resolutions

2013 Resolutions (with commentary)

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2013 in Review 31.12.

Jan 13

Rang in the New Year with a show in our store!

fashion shoot with White Dresses Boutique

January Photo a Day Project

Feb 13

New Orleans…

…and Nottoway Plantation for a shoot with Southern Bride Magazine!

February Photo a Day Project

Mar 13

said goodnight to my Grandmother and laid her to rest in Mississippi


quick trip to Nashville to see Fletcher C. Johnson

St. Paddy’s Day!


March Photo a Day Project

Apr 13

started major house work


April Photo a Day Project

May 13

May Photo a Day Project

Jun 13



June Photo a Day Project

Jul 13

July Photo a Day Project

Aug 13

LEAPS AND BOUNDS with our house progress


Dog Days of Summer

the beginning!

August Photo a Day Project

Sep 13

September Photo a Day Project

Oct 13


Mountain Hiking


October Photo a Day Project

Nov 13

Thanksgiving at the beach

November Photo a Day Project

Dec 13

upstairs = DONE!


December Photo a Day Project

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!

Year in Review: 2012
Year in Review: 2011
Year in Review: 2010
Year in Review: 2009
Year in Review: 2008
Year in Review: 2007

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Photo a Day: December 2013 31.12.

Compared to November, December has been a rather quiet month…which is nice! Only a few photo sessions, one final wedding, and lots of holiday prep! The day to day life is shown below!

red, where I stood, silver, tiny (amount of beer compared to the whole store)

in the cupboard, shadow, 6 o’clock, I shop here

weather (cozy), R is for…relaxed, green, Joy is…

composition, drink, lights, makes me feel merry

tree, big, ’tis the season, I’m listening to…Clara Belle and the Creeps!

on the door, sparkly, tradition, wrapped

best bit of my day, where I slept, what I’m doing now, something awesome (landed the cover of Southern bride magazine!)

reflect: best bit of 2013 (waking up everyday), me (painting this), celebrate

And here is the month of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November!

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