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Photo a Day: July 2013 04.08.

As July normally does, we celebrated America’s Independence Day with our friends at a BBQ! The wedding season slowed down a bit, and there were some engagement sessions sprinkled in. Probably the most notable thing in July was us paying off our credit card! We are now 100% debt free and it feels like I’m 1000 pounds lighter! Wahoo!

Happiness is…SWIMMING!, shoes, cold (it was pretty cold when Andy and I went to Nottoway Plantation to capture the fashion shoot with Southern Bride magazine – it paid off! Landed the cover!), red/white/blue

love (house shows!), fav smell (summertime!), where I am (hanging out with this guy), path

3 things (1.We’re 2.Debt 3.FREE!), smooth, I wore this, “bad habit” (I take SO many sunset shots lol

4 o’clock, edible (cookbooks…close enough), outside the window, bottle (how about a vase)

inspirational (sweet, sweet love), number (first HSV food truck we tried), building, hot (mess)

fav food, grey, (I wish) I drew this, D is for…dreamy!

ground, everyday, black and white, this is new (ALICE IN WONDERLAND RECORD PLAYER OMG)!

perspective, friendship, workspace

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