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Photo a Day: May 2013 01.06.

May was SLAMMED with weddings – each and every single one of them were beautiful and incredible! I still have to pinch myself when I realize that my job(s) are actually fun! There wasn’t much time outside of shooting and editing, but I always somehow manage to snap some personal photos. Oh, and house work continued…which is great! Maybe we’ll actually have an entire house by the Holiday season – fingers crossed!! I miss decorating my house! 🙂

I bought this (well, technically these new floors were given to us by our dear friend Rita!), morning ritual, this is really good (my friends’ band!), in my cup

paper (photo card of a HSV photog circa 1889!), broken (not really broken, but a house near us that needs work – REALLY hope it gets restored!), something beginning with “F” (feline!), shape (squares)

snack, stars, smile (the happy couple, Carly and Matt!), a mother (I’m a “mother” to 3 kitties!)

sunrise/sunset, need, 7 o’clock, mailbox (nope, but this is wallpaper from a house I showed!)

season, want (to stay in this hotel), my fav view (love this lil’ rabbit!), light (coming in from behind me? this is a stretch)

something I care about (records!), change (look past the kitty creepin’ and see our newly revealed wooden ceilings!), PJs (I’m wearing them in this pic…you just can’t see them past my catbeard), go (sun going behind the horizon)

us, favorite thing to do on Sunday (capturing love birds!), can’t live without (the sun), what I’m doing (painting the office!)

kiss (I could kiss this sky!), tool, four things (four paint colors?)

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