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Photo a Day: February 2013 05.03.

So far this year each month has brought us sadness. In January we lost Andy’s granny, in February it was our new friend Ben, and just the other night we said goodbye to my grandma. These negative times just show us how bright the happy moments are and we’ve been embracing every second. Thankfully February gave us a thrilling adventure to New Orleans and Nottoway Plantation for us to build some great memories!

Here’s the month of Feb:

fork, pattern, something beginning with ‘e’ (eerie), hope

something I smelled (Andy cooked a tofu clay pot meal – delish!), soft, my (band’s) name, orange

guilty pleasure, 3 o’clock, entrance, lunch

walking, love, fridge, perfect

in my hand, something I don’t like (loved the decor, but not a fan of live gators or anything), I am…, where I stood

full (had a huge lunch with my grandma before we made it to AL), makes me smile, word, cloud

bedside table (actually, the bedroom mantle!), quiet, playing, upside down

And here is the month of January!