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Photo a Day: January 2013 01.03.

The first month of 2013 flew by…in fact, the first three have as I’m finally getting a chance to post in March. Regarding these photo a day posts, I’m still using her guidelines…sorta. For posting purposes it usually matches up ok, but I no longer keep the lists handy. I definitely don’t reference them so it’s all a mystery to see which images from the day might actually line up with the suggested photo.

Anyway, here’s January!

today, something new, heart, view

movement, mine, street, something beginning with ‘t’ (Tiny)

paper, one o’clock, water, surprise

circle, yellow, ordinary moment, two things (love her!)

ready, shadow, delicious, something I saw

what I do, corner, electric, stripes

landscape, together, sun, through

grow, down, myself