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Photo a Day: October 2013 01.11.

Hands down, the greatest thing that happened in October was witnessing (and photographing) my best friend get married!!! Dana and Tim tied the knot in Baltimore, so it was fun to visit their city! It was my first time in Maryland, and it was SO pretty! With me and Andy, Kelly and Joel, Alicia and Brandon, Kim, and Pam, it was quite the reunion! Fun times all around! Of course, October always brings Halloween! With something to actually do and a costume to actually wear (Dolly Parton…and Andy was Kenny Rodgers) we had a blast – even if it was all thrown together last minute!

something colorful, light, you today, in motion

afternoon, 8 o’clock, what I saw today, corner

pink, hands, M is for…Monte Sano Mountain, below

watching, favorite space, secret, leafy

first world problem, still, a good day, open

then (digital) and now (film…as shown), change, your mood today, dark (Cheekwood light show)

welcome, depth of field, peaceful, just for me

hair, wet (I’m gonna just use the same “wet hair” pic for both of those lol), treat

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