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Photo a Day: September 2013 02.10.

September was full of fun and weddings! It was definitely one of my busiest months of the year. Andy turned 32 on the 7th and we spent the day drinking bloody marys and hanging with friends (even saw a band called Space Donkey, which was as great as their name) – it was awesome!

together, my name begins with…(A – Alabama countryside), lines, alone

here forever, getting ready, white, (I wish this was) made by me

on the wall, sweet, what I did today (picnic and hiking on the mountain), shadow

unexpected, liquid, season, frame

in front of me, vintage, what is this? (Stella’s duck face), morning

rule of thirds, made me smile, from my childhood (cheating! this pic was taken in October), space

H is for…happy cat, curve, wtf?, 10 o’clock

gold, found

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