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Photo a Day: August 2013 01.10.

August = beach trip…and generally when Summer starts winding down (boo). For the most part August was relatively quiet (only one wedding and a couple of meetings) but it was nice to unwind and relax with friends at the beach.

something that starts with N (new WRS instagram account), incomplete, skyline (I know this pic doesn’t work really lol), fresh

early (morning snuggles), meaningful, a sign, peek-a-boo

2 o’clock, beverage, I love doing this, macro

fast, trash(ed on the beach), the best, cooking

exercise, someone I spoke to today, lost, stairs (these are planted near our front steps)

slow, a room, yellow, in the background

culture, entrance, 10 minutes from home, corridor

lucky, cluttered, dangerous (last time I was in the Flint River, I had to escape an encounter with a water moccasin…ugh)

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