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Beach Trip 2013 09.09.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my toes were in the sand, but I wanted to blog this year’s beach trip before 2014 rolls around! Andy and I spent 5 days with our friends down in Destin, Florida! It was a BLAST! Last year we had several days of rain, but this year was SO sunny! It was pure bliss! Thanks to my handy dandy Instax and cell phone, I had fun documenting the trip!!

Day One
We got an early start to the trip and arrived at the beach early afternoon! The first night we stayed in a hotel since the condo wasn’t quite ready for us (but we were ready for the beach)! After cooling off with some beach drinks, we spent some time in the pool while we awaited all of our party to arrive before heading to dinner!

Day Two
We couldn’t get into the condo until the afternoon, so we spent most of the day at the condo’s pool – which is amazing! Once we could get in and unpack, we headed to the beach for a few hours before heading to dinner at Dewey’s (yuuuuuum)! Also, later that night, Adam proposed to Lindsey on the beach under the meteor shower – YAAAAAY!

Day Three
Up and at’em for a full day at the beach! The waves were fun, but not dangerous and it was great to be with such rad folks in the middle of the ocean! We hung out most of the day in the sand, went to dinner, and then some of us went down for Night Beach to watch the meteor shower – absolutely incredible!


Day Four
ANOTHER FULL DAY AT THE BEACH! The sun was shining most of the day, until the evening brought in a small storm cloud. We opted to cook-in since it was the last night for some of our friends. We had a fun, relaxing evening in the condo…we all practically ate ourselves into a food coma – YUM!

Day Five
Since it was our last full day at the beach, Andy and I woke up super early and spent an entire 10 hours with our toes in the sand! It was one of the most wonderful things! It was SO relaxing! I took my chair out to a sand bar and now this is the place I go whenever I meditate – so beautiful and calm. Our last meal at the beach was a delicious Thai place down the street from the condo. We all crashed pretty early in order to wake up and get home before 5pm.