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2011 in Review 01.01.

Jan 11

Spent the New Year with friends at a house party where we took over the patio. Andy and I walked home in the pouring rain, but it was loads of fun!

A friend’s new kitten and a Counterclock Wise show at Crossroads

We had a snow week! Lots of beautiful photos, tons of sledding (it was my first time!), and loads of fun!

Feb 11

The opening of Green Pea Press!

lots of randomness!

got an iphone!

Showed some incredible and interesting houses.

“real photos” of Jonathan Richman and the start of our record wall

Mar 11

Really Loud Hamburgers music video shoot

The beginning of SPRING!

Ty Segall and Bazooka in store performance!

random cell phone snaps!


Apr 11

a “tornado emergency” that turned into BLACKOUT SNACKOUT 2011

May 11

Cinco de Mayo with some of our favorite peeps!

cat naps and random snaps!

Jun 11


expanded our garden

Mountain Top Flea Market!

Dog Days Flea Market and an early evening outside show with loads of friends!

river rats and in-store shows!

new Spits, Really Loud Hamburgers, and TV Ghost at the Bottletree in Birmingham!

a belated FIVE YEAR anniversary celebration!

more random shots from work and play!

White Rabbit Studios studio stuff!

Pacino comes to live with us!

a bunch of fun Summer stuff!

Jul 11

behind the scenes of a a STUNNING wedding in Big Canoe, Georgia!

more random summer snapshots!




Aug 11

finally got around to scanning all of our Instax BEACH PICS!

Sep 11

no posts :/

Oct 11

no posts :/

Nov 11

began working on our upstairs!

We got to explore our neighbor’s twin house to have a “blueprint” to work from

Ugh…the bathroom from hell (which is still causing problems and holdups)

The last of the farmers’ markets and other Summer memories

The Porcharitas played a show with NOBUNNY! It was a dream come true!

The Porcharitas record songs for our first EP release!

800lbs of drywall

n’hood walks

a new space for Vertical House Records!

behind the scenes of a fun camping engagement session!

pretty skies

electrical work is completed…for now

Dec 11

Steph and I shot a Hindu wedding as our last wedding of the year!

sent off for the Porcharitas EP!

A Vertical House Holiday with the Haints!

Crash Boom Bang pulls of an awesome show!

Bazooka 7″ release (cover photo by yours truly)!

snippets of life currently!

posted our Best of 2011 before the new year (just barely)!

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

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