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Home Again! 15.07.

While the beach was certainly a blast, we totally missed our kitties. Who wouldn’t? We came home to Sadie’s sappy face and Tiny’s mischievousness (and Maple’s shyness).


The night we got back Crash Boom Bang was performing a benefit play for one of our fellow friends and actors, Ben. He shattered his arm when he fell a few weeks back, and now has a plate in his arm. The play raised over $300! It was pretty awesome because once we unpacked and settled for a bit I went up to the mill and got a briefing of the play. Before I knew it – showtime! The play was called “John Carpenter’s Escape from the Titanic”. Summer and I played the iceberg and were part of the finale. We basically danced out from the audience, danced and “attacked” Ben(‘s character, Snake) until he eventually snapped our necks. It was rad having something awesome to do the night we get back from the beach!

The next night we met some friends at Big Ed’s pizza before heading to a friend’s “speakeasy”…although we were pretty exhausted so we didn’t last long.

And here is the radtastic record player that Andy found while at the beach!