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FIVE years…last month 22.06.

On May 20th, we celebrated our fifth year of marriage! On the actual night of our anniversary we actually spent it with a group of friends at one of our local favorites, Big Ed’s Pizza. On May 19th, we happened to stop by a thrift store and found a GORGEOUS record player cabinet (with AM radio…so we can get out Coast 2 Coast fix every night). Once Andy made sure it all worked properly (it even plays 78s!) we told the owner of the store that it was an anniversary present to ourselves – and he gave us a discount!

After an early dinner at Thai Garden, we spent the first night with it spinning our favorite records and soaking in the warm sound…amazingly enough, it was also the day my copy of The King of Limbs showed up. What a wonderful record player to be able to listen to the vinyl for the first time! It’s such a photogenic piece, and fits right in with our style!

(still in the store)

(mmm tofu and Radiohead!)

Kelly was actually in town and came by the record store! Betty napped.

Big Ed’s and one of our favorite records!

(Tiny approves)