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800lbs Later 23.11.

Tiny wanted to help us!

For the first round of drywall removal we used a (mega) handy dandy Bagster, and it was as convenient as hauling thousands of pounds of drywall down the stairs, out of the house, and to the front lawn can get. The debris from all of the walls upstairs filled the sucker up fast! At this point we were not aware of the original clapboard ceilings, so we didn’t even think about removing the drywall from above our heads. After perusing images of Vera’s house we remembered the amazing ceilings and knew we had to peek. Sure enough, under a nice coat of dust and off-white paint, there were the clapboard ceilings! YAY! Now we had more drywall to remove and discard of (NAY!).

Bagster cost us around $115 total to discard all of the ruble, which was very worth it to us. However, the removal of the ceilings didn’t quite create nearly as many trash bags (still around 50 though). We felt using the Bagster was a bit pricey this go ’round so we decided to look at other options. At first we just tried to see if the city would pick them up (no dice, which we kinda figured – see the first photo below), but then we decided we could just try to take it all to the dump. The bags fit in the back of the truck, so we headed that way…in the rain, cause we are good with timing only sometimes in our lives. Anyway, it was only $11 to dump 800 pounds!

This is what 800 pounds of drywall looks like, all bagged up!

dump in the rain lolzzzz

this was our first time at the dump, actually!

whew…what a load!