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New Pests…I mean, Pets 22.06.

Totally kidding about the “pests” part…it was just a silly typo I decided to leave. Anyway, recently we acquired a new pet – my family’s pet cockatiel, Pacino! My mom brought Pacino home from the “bird lady” 8 years ago. However, one thing led to another and now Andy and I are the parents to Pacino. We are encouraging the vocabulary he already knows (hello Pacino, pretty bird, whatcha doin?, gimmie kiss, get your water, get your treat, yum yum, come here come on, stop it, sing Andy…and then he kinda can sing the Andy Griffith theme song) and teaching him new phrases (play a record, nom nom, see ya later). There are a few things he says that we have NO idea what he’s saying, so that’s been fun trying to figure out.

The kitties don’t seem to mind him. They are very curious, but don’t bother him too much. Tiny will sleep on top of his cage (we put a towel down on the top so it doesn’t scare Pacino when Tiny jumps up). Luckily, Pacino is used to other animals because my parents have a cat and a dog.

(Pacino likes to sing along to some of those songs on that album)

And here’s a video of Pacino in action…singing to himself! (the real fun starts at 2:05)

…and let’s not forget about the kitties!

(look closely in that last photo and you can see Maple’s head sticking out of the stair railing)