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2008 Year in Review 24.12.

Jan 08

Knucklehead wrapped with a great turnout during all of the shows. This is still one of my favorite shows to date. Robert (the author) is currently finishing up his next full length which we are targeting to open in March…I think.

House Progress: we had just painted the bathroom, I just got my vanity back and our room was still pretty bare, bought our washer and dryer, and our pipes froze (but luckily didn’t burst or anything).

The Dastardly Do Nothings and The Jacuzzi Boys played in our store

Continued the Rainy Day Project

Our niece, Kayla, turned two

Pretty Skies

My friend, Arielle (Elleira Couture), introduced her Spring line

Met my new doctor (Dr. McGee) at Clearview Cancer Institute

Feb 08

A Happy Celebration in Honor of Sunburst


I cloned Yuri, and she sketched me!

Heard from This Old House and had a before/after photo shoot with our house

Neighborhood walks, Vertical House Records, and Lowe Mill Skies

Mar 08

Sunny skies held the Spring Spirit

Rehearsal began for Purgatory Lounge…which was on my 23rd birthday! I got to cover myself in cocoa 🙂 because I sang “Buried Alive” by The Black Lips.

Daylight Savings Time!

Spring Sprang Sprung

Rainy Days and Antiquing

Trips to Bennett Nurseries and Backyard Beginnings

Got a flickr pro account! Had my first MRI, which came back with a couple spots of concern in my right boob. Found information on Laetrile.

March 19th we had a wonderful show in our store: Hurray for the Riff Raff, Andy Dale Petty, and Sam Doores

Met with JD and Eric (of the Dead Workers Party) and Don (of HudsonAlpha) and finished up vocal work for the informational and educational video I did with The Dead Workers for the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

Friends…which both are now engaged 🙂

Apr 08


Found out my worrisome boob spots were just calcium deposits…and not cancer. wahoo! I had a phone interview with This Old House. Stephanie and Kelly get engaged (yay)! Have several encounters with our resident Chimney Swifts.

Got our original mantle put back in place after being stripped & hung our backyard swing,

Childhood memories on wax and Vertical House Records participates in the first ever Record Store Day Celebration

Robert Daniel has his “Coffee Break” art show and we get new bedroom wall pieces!


April 25th’s Purgatory Lounge: I sang a duet with Ben (a Moldy Peaches song), Josh drank too much whiskey, and Steph and Daniel joined the fun!

My first time to the Botanical Gardens

Crazy Show Fun Times

Springtime at our house!

May 08

Huntsville Historic Home Tour

Hung kitchen shelves, rooted clippings, and butterflies!

Photobombed at Steph’s engagement party


Evening Walks and a Growing Garden

Two Year Anniversary

Another trip to the Plant Zoo

Crash Boom Bang Theatre Presents: Take Me With You

Purgatory Lounge in which Lynsie and I sang “Toxic” together

Clawfoot Tub (hooray!!!)

Showers Bring Flowers and Veggies

Jun 08

Summer Shows

LOST season finale, our house was nominated for the 2008 Sauciest Dwelling at saucydwellings, got the tub professionally sandblasted, and got our new camera!


Backyard Bliss


Laura and Kenneth get hitched

Purgatory Lounge (I sang “Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)” by the Doors)

Andy quit his job 🙂
Kelly moved away 🙁

Painted the Outside of our Tub

Made our own Pickles

Started the Silver Bowl Series

This Old House Blurb

Got a Gocco

Crazy Awesome Dance/Birthday Party

Horror Movie Filming

Store Shows

Jul 08

Monday Pool Parties

King Khan and the Shrines

Crash Boom Bang Theatre Did it for Skits and Giggles

Eargasms #2


Found a wardrobe after a year plus long hunt

Purgatory Lounge where Josh and I sang one of his songs “Keel Hallow”

Backyard in the Summer

Okra and a New Backdoor Screen


Bathroom Wallpaper and Tub Faucet

Summer BBQs

Eargasms #3


Sink Search in Cullman

Russell Erskine Hotel

Crash Boom Bang Theatre shoots Pussy Energy Drink Commercial

Aug 08

Light Painting

Mountain Picnics and History Lessons

Andy’s Botticellis Album Design

Kitchen Cooking

Summer Nights Downtown

Crash Boom Bang Theatre had another Skits Show

We Can Take Baths & We Found a Bathroom Sink

Demolition of Michael’s Restaurant

Hiked to Three Caves

Thomas Function and Digital Leather In Store

Shot Rhiannon’s Wedding

Fish Eye Spy

The Fair!

Lowe Mill’s Boiler Room

Sep 08

Andy Turns 27 and we get a Wii!

Best Labor Day Ever V

New Bedroom Mantle & Alice in Wonderland Nesting Dolls

Clematis and Kalanchoe

Location Scouting With the Dead Workers Party for the Screaming Jenny Shoot

VH-001 Rise Up Howling Werewolf (Our First 7″ Vertical House Records Label Release)

Began Filming and Prepping for Crash Boom Bang Theatre’s So You Wanna Be a Slasher Show

We Extend Hours!

Record Release Show

Alice’s Bridals

Oct 08

Alice & Donald’s Wedding and the launch of Vertical House Wedding Photography

We Have a Working Tub & Shower


Rehearsed Death (a lot)

Anti Fashion Show

Fall Harvests and (Now) Indoor Plants

Vertical House Eargasms #4

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Like it? Download it and enjoy!

Halloween (Crash Boom Bang Theatre Presents: So You Wanna Be a Slasher?)

Nov 08

Neighborhood Walks and Tweets!

Shot Frances & Josh’s Wedding with my good friend Stephanie

Pine Hill Haints at Crossroads

New Orleans Met The Valley of Sickness

Planning Begins for April

The Last of Fall

Crash Boom Bang Presents: Skits & Giggles (episode 4)

Dec 08

Began Shooting for the Screaming Jenny Music Video

Photographed True Love: Stephanie & Sean

Christmas Tree

Ellie’s Photoshoot

Purgatory Lounge (I sang an original!)

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Year in Review: 2007


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