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Summer Snaps 15.07.

I feel like I should apologize for my lack of “real photos” on my blog, but it’s just SO much easier doing everything through my phone since I usually always have it with me. I actually used to swear I would never become one of “those people” that just blogs about cell phone shots, but now I’m eating those words (and they taste great)! I’m embracing being that person so here’s a post full of randomness.

summer storms

thrift store bike

RAINBOW HAIR! this is was incredible! click to see the “real” photos I took.

band practice, sunset trees, rainy mornings

Pacino & Tiny, Justin’s birthday dinner & Padme (we were kitty sitting)

summer drives and Lowe Mill’s 5th birthday!

Tiny kisses & new (to me) camera!

Lowe Mill sunset & garden

packed for the beach! fog & friends