The Real Vertical House
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Oh Hai! 12.11.

Remember long ago (ok only five years, but still) when we started this restoration project? While our downstairs is almost complete (save the foyer, dining room tin ceiling, and the awesome living room doors that we are waiting to find us)…we’re finally beginning to work on the upstairs! It’s been a culmination of slowly saving and steady business growth over the past three years that we’re able to start again. We spent around two years getting our downstairs to the point it’s at, but we’re hoping the upstairs won’t take quite as long.

First: It’s less square footage…there’s no second story to the original back porch, which is now the kitchen/bath.

Second: There’s no kitchen to factor in! While the house was actually a duplex when we started, we ripped out the kitchen from upstairs, and have no intentions of adding it back. While we are trying to work out a bathroom (ugh, whole other post) we’re hoping (as usual) to keep the character top notch, and the price just right.

Third: We know the right people now! I’m SO excited about this. We had a “trial and error” period when we first started that probably cost us more than I’d like to admit, but hey – live and learn right…then meet the people that know what they are doing. Plus, we know the people helping us (with the electrical, plumbing, and drywall) provide quality work – something extremely important to us.

Fourth: We are doing a lot of work ourselves. From ripping down the drywall, tearing down two “closets” (ugh those were horrible), breaking apart The Bathroom From Hell, and bagging/removing all of the above debris has been a fun “start” to the project!

Anyway, from now on there will be less “random” posts, and more peeks into the continuing of our restoration. Here goes nothing!