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BEACH TRIP! 15.07.

Finally…after 4+ years, Andy and I went on a vacation! Although it started like a big party (there were 18 of us!), it eventually settled to be a relaxing trip. We left Huntsville around 4pm straight from our record store. The drive was 6ish hours, but we made it in about 5 and a half. It was a REALLY nice drive…lots of backroads, open skies, sunshine, tiny summer rain showers, and old houses. When we got in to Destin everyone was finishing up eating, so we just met them at the house. It was really neat to have so many of our friends AT THE BEACH.

The next few days were spent at the beach or at the pool (when there was way too much seaweed and crabs). We watched Fourth of July fireworks over the ocean…and people were going all out! You could see fireworks for MILES all along the coast. It was amazing! On one of the days (beach time = totally not knowing what day or time it is) a few of us went thrifting and Andy scored the record player of an audiophile’s wet dream (Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4002) .

Delicious seafood, sandy toes, clear ocean swims, poolside beers, late night laughs, air mattress tent city, beachside fireworks, and fun friends made this a much needed vacation. I took my point and shoot camera, but something is wrong with the battery and it won’t maintain a charge, so I had to use my phone a lot (surprise!) BUT I also took our instax camera. That proved to be loads of fun! Once I scan them in of course I’ll share, but for now – phone it is!

those are our ‘going to the BEACH bitchezzzz’ faces!

We went to Seaside! It was fun…more stuff was there since last time I had been. Of course our first stop was Central Square Records. Gotta admit, their prices were soooooo high! I know it’s a different market, but wow. While there wasn’t a whole lot of vinyl, they had great selections (although $$$). We spent about half the day at seaside before heading back to the house and then drinking beers by the pool. We tried the beach first, but there were so many crabs in the water that it made for a not-so-fun swim.

pool mullet!

The day we went antiquing and thrifting was really nice. After scoring our loot, we met the gang at the pool (still too many crabs at the beach!) for a couple of hours. A carload of people went to a seafood market to get dinner stuffs, and that gave me and Andy a chance to ourselves. We walked to Pompano Joe’s for some fancy drinks and then spent a few hours walking along the beach and talking. It’s really nice when we get a chance to spend relaxing moments together, because that’s usually when we have our best brainstorm ideas and conversations. When we got back to the house, they had started cooking for the big shrimp broil. Between 9 of us we conquered 8 pounds of shrimp and a couple pounds of scallops. It was delish!