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Summer Memories 14.11.

Right now the smell of sweet potato pie is filling our home while the windows bring in a lovely cross breeze that just swirls around the pie scent. It’s in the middle of November and it’s 70 degrees outside. Not one bit of me is complaining (only hoping it doesn’t mean tornadoes will be popping up in a couple of days) as I’m a fan of Spring/Summer/Fall…but not so much Winter. Tonight has me reminiscing on some of the Summer snaps I haven’t blogged.

We tried to go to the Greene Street Market every Thursday we could!

I’m obsessed with these and hope to have a huge patch of them one day!

Our front porch table cloth. In hindsight, we didn’t have enough BBQs…that needs to change next year.

Andy won a grill from Earth Fare! Again, I reiterate the comment about not enough BBQs 🙁

Lowe Mill! This was a happy accident with the cloud!

I GOT ALL TEH FLOWERS! seriously, this day was great…I wish I could always be surrounded by at least this many blooms!

garden harvests!

Tiny in the window! Our dear friends Matt and Summer recently tied the knot and (of course) Matt created a beautiful film telling the story of them. I was beyond honored to have gotten to play a small part in the video alongside Ben (as pictured). Matt is actually part of the White Rabbit Studios team as our DJ, but he’s also hoping to help create stories of love, and his own story will be a lovely sample to have on the site. So stoked!

Anyway, the pie is ready! Time to indulge!