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2010 in Review 30.12.

Jan 10

Spent the New Year with my love and dear friends…unfortunately this tradition will break this year. Our friends that we’ve celebrated with the past few years will be in California (LUCKIES!) this year.

Launched Hi-Fi Weddings!! With over 2 thousand hits a day, I’m certainly pleased at how my little wedding blog broke into the scene. I have gotten great response from the Big Girl Blogs out there, and TONS of support and love from the brides-to-be out there. I celebrate the Official One Year mark on January 15th!

We had a snow day! Tiny experienced her first snow…although it didn’t last long cause she started shaking so much.

YAY WINDOW CASINGS! It’s so much easier to heat our kitchen now! we’ve enjoyed being able to use it all year round!

Took TONS OF PICS of Tiny Winey!

Found a lost camera with even more pics of Tiny!

The tornado that came through Five Points.

The crazy-weird-not-sure-what-is-happening-to-us feeling we both had.

Feb 10

The return of Monday Fundays…although now we don’t really do them anymore. One of our friends that was always so enthusiastic about her Monday Margarita fix is now pregnant…so that puts a damper on drinking.

Went to Nashville and saw Smith Westerns, Girls, and Magic Kids!

vented about stolen cars, cancer, a bigger store, a new roof, etc.

Valentine’s Day! Complete with a mix tape of love songs!

The beginning ideas of a new store!

Our love affair for estate sales sky rocketed and we decided that will be the only way we shop! Lots of photos of our house and estate sale finds on this entry.

Vertical House Records wins first place! Although this year we’re a bit ticked off at Valley Planet…they totally removed the “best place to buy music” category to “make room” for the “best day spa” category…REALLY?! omg. Although you can totally vote for us in the “Best Adult Store” category!

Bath time with Tiny!


Fell in LOVE with this house, which is across the street from us. It sold at an auction for $45,500. Thankfully, no sign of them trying to tear it down yet. Maybe there is hope…maybe it will be restored!! It’s the ONLY style of house in all of Alabama..isn’t that nuts?!

Mar 10

Our house is featured on Apartment Therapy (for the second time)!

Vertical House Records in our old location, before we moved across the hall!

Monday Funday ‘trading’ cards!

Hurray for the Riff Raff! hip hip!

Birthday trip to the plant zoo!

2am walks home

Official grand (re)opening of our store with a show, and various features…all discussed here!

Apr 10

super fun show!

hip hip hurray for Record Store Day!


Happy Birthday to Ellis!

New roof, porch parties, Lowe Mill, shows, and more!

Garden Growth!!!

Huntsville in the Spring…absolutely gorgeous!


in-store show with one of our favorites (Box Elders) and dinner with friends! Fun times!

filmed the Beluga Blast skit…absolutely ridiculously fun!

ps – you can watch the finished version below

The new Vertical House Records location!

May 10

garden growth and cute kitties!

Crash Boom Bang Theatre + Dead Workers Party = Short Shorts!

living room details!

trips to markets before storms

The videos from the first skit show we worked on went live on youtube…see more here!

we took pictures of ourselves for an Utterly Engaged article!

record show and crawfish co.

Jacuzzi Boys, Really Loud Hamburgers, and a photo shoot with G-Side!

Martin’s birthday week!

Tiny gets spayed!

Short Shorts (part 2) filming!

four year anniversary shoot!

Jun 10

decided to host a wedding fair! WHICH IS COMING UP OMG I’M SO EXCITED!

filmed more skits for short shorts 2! videos below:

(the Cute As Hell music video which made it to number one on this Top Ten Videos of 2010 list!)

The nooks and crannies of Vertical House Records

garden and home life!

summertime margaritas, Nobunny, and The Spits!

close call!

new shots with a new camera!

Father’s Day!

more home and garden details!

the kitties model for the new camera!

Jul 10

White Rabbit Studios 2.0!

Thomas Function and G-Side in-store!

Aug 10

no posts :/

Sep 10

beard nuzzling!

new suitcase record player and spring cleaning!

garden goodies

fry day!

Crash Boom Bang Theatre’s filming for the finale!

Five Points photos…some that are currently hanging at 1892 East, a new restaurant in the ‘hood!

Vertical House Records expands again!

took pictures of 1892 East!

Oct 10

our house was featured (room by room) on CasaSugar!

kitchen life: peppers, s’mores, and kitties!

estate sale goodies!

roadtrip to 3,000 records!

Nov 10

Monday Funday Dance Party!

November 25th Purgatory Lounge

Dec 10

got a new tattoo!

Dan Sartain at the VooDoo!

fall plants

house show!

various fall days, kitty piles, etc.

Friendsgiving 2010!

a cute little friend!

December 10th’s Purgatory Lounge!

a road trip to snow covered Sewanee!

Christmas decor

a White Christmas

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

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