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“Snow Day” 09.01.

As much as I dislike the cold, I enjoy seeing the pretty snow flakes. While we only got around an inch of snow, it still made for pretty pics!

Snow Day!

Our House in Snow

…we need to put back up our yellow jasmine. The big wind storm that cam through here a week or so ago knocked it down.

Our Backyard in the Snow



Snow on the Porch


I found that cooler on the road! Oh well, one person’s trash is my treasure!

Snow Paw Prints! Snow
Betty in the Snow Sadie in the Snow

Betty and Sadie in the snow! Betty isn’t our dog…she belongs to our friend Dustin who came over for a bit and we all had a snowball fight.

Betty, Sadie and Maple Paw Prints

snow paw prints! I’m pretty sure these belong to Sadie and Betty.

Tiny in the Snow

Tiny and Maple in the Snow

Tiny and Maple

Tiny Licking Snow

I love this shot of Tiny! You can see her tiny little tongue licking the snow. She didn’t stay out too long cause she started shaking, so I put her back inside by the heater and she cuddled in a ball and went to sleep. awww.

Snowman and His Frosty Beverage

our snowman! I found the beer can in the bushes, so I “recycled” it…right?


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