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wishes coming true…maybe? 15.02.

I guess talking about it enough to myself might have actually worked! Cause on Saturday Catherine came into our record store and asked (upon Emily’s agreement) if we would want to take over her portion of what’s left of Virago. That would mean a bigger space, but not TOO big we couldn’t handle (monetarily and otherwise). And we would get windows (the first thing I fell in love with at the mill)! And an awesome neighbor! And more space! And who knows what else! None of this is official…I’m not sure what we will have to do really. Last time we moved, we just moved. Hopefully nothing will come up for any reason why we can’t. But yeah, I’d love for this to happen before Record Store Day (April 17th)…so we’ll see. I’m going to tell Cat we are super interested on Wednesday. I think the only thing she’s unsure about is where all of her stuff will go. But maybe she can use our old space to store it in the meantime, and we can go ahead and get moved over there. Gah! Once this idea was placed in my head, it’s all we’ve been talking about! I might even have enough space to start a new new idea I have that is still in the baby stage, so I’m still forming my brain around it. But yeah! The possibilities! Yay for presenting themselves! Fingers = crossed.


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