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Busy like bees in the Spring 29.03.

Good grief Life…you are speeding by! Things around here are super busy! We’ve officially moved our store to the new place (pics coming soon)! It’s awesome to have more space, and now a window to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! I can’t believe I haven’t posted any photos, but it was a rather hectic move. And it happened before we thought it would. We went up to the mill (sans camera) to help Cat move everything out of the Virago space, and before we knew it Greg and Andy had the metal in place, and the record shelves in the new space. There were several friends helping, so it only took about 5 hours to move everything over and get it in place. We are still working on a couple of projects to get the store exactly the way we want it, but it’s great to be operating out of there already!

And to break in the new space, we are having a show this Tuesday…and it will be SO fun!

March 30th Fun at Vertical House Records


I’ve been super busy getting Hi-Fi Weddings out of my head and into the crazy world of wedding sites, and it’s working out nicely! I’m meeting some insanely talented photographers, awesome brides and grooms, and wonderful vendors that are all super stoked to help me out and contribute to the site. It’s been so exciting, and I’m super glad I’ve finally got it going!


One of the sweet souls I’ve met through this venture is Amy, and she has a great site called Old Sweet Song and she featured us and our various projects 🙂

Featured on Old Sweet Song


Speaking of our house…we’re getting a new roof right now. I forgot how loud it is! Even with a second floor between us! Sadie and Maple have resided under the bed mainly, and Tiny is attached to Andy’s chest. I’m glad we arranged it to happen when we would be home. Not only are the cats scared (and occasionally come out to be pet before a loud bang scares them back under the bed), but two bricks fell all the way down the chimney to our bedroom and dining room (they share a shaft). We knew we needed some masonry work done, but that scared me. It sounded like our chimney was about to collapse. It happened because they were working on the flashing around the chimney. I guess now we need to get everything looked at sooner than later.

BUT MAYBE JUST MAYBE we’ll win something from This Old House’s contest! We submitted our kitchen remodel, and there’s a change to win $10k. With that we’d probably be able to address the chimney and get the electrical work finished upstairs! I’m gonna keep my feet on the ground for this, but a gal can dream right?! 🙂

Our Old House on This Old House


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