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Casa Snaps 11.09.

This past weekend we tackled a pretty big project in our house…not a milestone, or anything like completing the electricity upstairs – but – we painted our stairwell! A project we thought would only take a couple of hours took FIVE! But with at least 20 foot walls, it proved to be a bigger challenge once the paint was in the tray and there was no turning back. We painted it the same color as our living room walls, which is a rich, light creamy color. So while there is no dramatic color difference, it doesn’t look grimy and gross!

We’ve also been cleaning our entire house (upstairs and down) and getting stuff together for a yard sale. It will be HUGE! We have so much stuff to get rid of, and I’m not even sure how we accumulated all of it!

All this cleaning got me in the picture-taking mood, so here’s a photo dump of casa snaps!


Stax o’ wax in the living room

Living Room Mantle

living room mantle


living room books

Record Player

Record Player

Record Player

suitcase record player

Dining Room Flowers

dining room flowers



kitchen flowers




kitchen window




Tiny playing in the electronics basket

_MG_8248 Bed in the Summer

bedroom mantle & Summertime bedsheets

Unicorn Pillow

Bedroom Details

bedroom pillow

Bedroom Postcards

Bedroom Details

vintage postcards

New Basket!

found this basket for only $1!

Bedroom Details

bedroom mantle

Bedroom Details

bedroom details

Bedroom Details

bedroom details

Shower Curtain

new shower curtain! only twenty five cents!



Andy scraped all the paint off the stairwell window!


Tiny in the now paint free window


Andy decided to remove all the paint from the windows, and Tiny followed him to every window!