The Real Vertical House
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Hoose Stuffs 28.06.

We are actually int he midst of Hardcore Spring Cleaning. I’m talking cleaning out boxes and every drawer, nook, and cranny and getting stuff together for a yard sale. We are actually taking a break for a bit to cool off. Remember, no central air here and the window unit does nothing when your pulling stuff out from under the bed and inside wardrobes.

One thing that encouraged us to finally go ahead and tackle this: we found a Roomba at a yard sale for only $30, and I talked them down to $20! These things can retail up to $500 for a robot vacuum. And while I used to laugh at the idea of one, for such a great deal, it’s totally worth it. It can run for an hour, which is plenty of time for our four main rooms: bedroom, living, kitchen and dining. I think it’s easier to sweet the bathroom, and it’s not that big so this is rad. Having this Roomba frees us up to clean the house much faster, since one of us isn’t focusing on sweeping. OK – enough about Roomba haha.

A Small Harvest

straight from the garden!

Our First Garlic!!

our first garlic!

Kitchen Window Sill

kitchen window


dishes! each plate has a plant name and a silly illustration of it!

Bathroom Decor

bathroom sign