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White Rabbit Studios 2.0 & Hi-Fi Weddings 26.07.

Woooo doggies! Sorry for the absent chatter, but usually we go through waves of stuff happening at once – and well this one was a tidal! I do actually have a lot of personal photo posts to make, but lately Hi-Fi Weddings and White Rabbit Studios have been consuming by html time.

So a while ago Stephanie and I got really tired of the WRS website and wanted to infuse more color and streamline the site and blog. We’ve never been a fan of the typical flashy fotogs sites, so we’ve steered clear of those since the beginning. We wanted something easy to navigate and super accessible. We also want to not shut ourselves from those who primarily use ipods/pads to view the web. And while our new header can’t be seen on those devices, at least the galleries and posts flow beautifully!

White Rabbit Studio 2.0

Introducing White Rabbit Studios (2.0 wooo!)

I would really appreciate any thoughts or feedback since you all have always been so helpful with these evaluations! We’ve checked on most browsers, so things should be ok.


Oh boy…the Wide World of Weddings! I have to admit that I’m so glad there wasn’t a huge wedding blog resource overload when I was getting married. I don’t think there were anything but personal brides with blogs back then. Not even blogs…livejournals (hah!)

But now there’s a huge market among the wedding sites and it’s pretty insane. I started Hi-Fi Weddings at the beginning of this year and I’m getting over 2,000 hits a day. This may be a little or a lot to you, but to me it’s awesome! I figured there would be a at least some response when I launched a site for couples to gush about their wedding day music, but I never really thought it would happen so fast. I’m loving all the emails from the brides, grooms, photographers, and DJs that are excited about a site dedicated to the music.

The Hi-Fi Weddings Fest is also taking shape very quickly! I’m so excited to be working with such amazing vendors to give Huntsville the Wedding Fair of a lifetime!