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Tats! 22.12.

After three years of talking about it, deciding where to place it, and finally just getting the time to actually go and get it – I now have our skeleton key tattooed on my left forearm. The pain was minimal, and didn’t even make me squirm unless she was going over the very top, closest to the fold of the arm. All in all, the least painful tattoo I have, and also the largest! Yay! Stephanie got Jasper’s baby feet on the back of her calf and it is SO cute. It was her first tattoo, but by the end of it she was on the omg-I-just-did-had-that-needle-puncture-me-over-and-over adrenaline high and already had others planned out in her head. I told her that feeling is addicting! We got them done by the fantastic Caroline at Blue Rose Tattoo.

I totally ganked the collage from the post we have on the White Rabbit Studios blog.

And here’s a shot of the key right as she finished.

Key Tat


Zoot 22.12.

I’ve been thinking about calling Caroline ever since I saw your photos at the WRS blog. I need one of mine added to…modified…whatever you call it to add Nyoka’s and Wes’s name (already has Eliahs) but I can’t come up with a creative way to do it. *sigh*

My last one (from last year) is on the underside of my arm too, closer to my wrist, and it hurt like a mother effer. But don’t they all? Heh. But yes – you are right – they are addicting. If I had the money or the creative ideas I’d be covered.