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Raaaaaaaandom 10.02.

Well, we ended up having to file a police report for Andy’s stolen car, and after 10-15 days we received the insurance money. Yesterday we got a call that they found Andy’s car…it had been sold for parts and basically ended up completely crushed! So all of you that said this might be the way we get a new truck…you are probably right. We actually got more than we could have traded his car in for, so that’s certainly nice. However, we aren’t in a huge rush to get a new truck since Andy and I basically go everywhere together. The only time I can really see us needing two cars is when I have a wedding out of town. So I think we’ll take our time and try to find something that we really want.

Speaking of insurance, we are also hopefully getting a new roof soon. The main damage was caused from the hail storm way back in April of last year, but we’ve had a few storms since then that have contributed. Now to find a reputable roofing company here in town…

Andy and I went to the doctor because of our “fainting spells” but I didn’t really think he would be able to tell us much. He took blood work…which I wanted him to do in case there was some simple problem that could be addressed through blood work. Thankfully everything came back ok, but we were still where we started – asking ourselves “wtf happened.” The doc suggested we could both be dehydrated. This is highly possible as our water intake has decreased. So, we are back to trying to drink the appropriate amount of water needed. The doctor said if it happens again, he will do further testing. He also somewhat lectured me on visiting my new cancer doctor, since I haven’t been there since 2008. I remember canceling the 2009 appointment cause I woke up sick…or I was out of town. So yeah, gotta get an appointment lined up with Dr. Fancycancerpants.

Tiny has figured out the joys of toilet paper! Oh how cute it is to catch her playing with it and unrolling it…it’s actually amazing a how fast she can un-roll an entire roll. It’s not so cute having to re-roll it all back up. Hopefully I can get a video of it and then she’ll magically just get tired of playing with it.

We need a bigger record store. Ok, so I know I mentioned the possibility of us moving to our own building, but we haven’t had a chance to meet with the owner of the property yet. We already decided it was probably best not to invest the money into a down payment towards the building because at the VERY beginning of this whole “let’s own a record store!” venture we decided we would NOT go into debt for it. And although I think we could pay off a loan for the building, once we actually had the money for the down payment, we began thinking a bit more. First off, it would be nice to rent the building for a while to see if we even like it. Secondly, even with all of the drama at the mill, it still has been such a great place for EXPOSURE. Not to mention we would still be a part of this place through Crash Boom Bang, Purgatory Lounge, Dead Workers, and whatever else. So it’s nice to have all of it in one place. If I’m at rehearsal, I’m still right down the hall from the store so it’s super convenient. Plus we always get traffic from other events in the theater that might not otherwise know about us. And summers at the mill are always awesome. Once it gets warm, there are usually shows every weekend – both outside and in the theater. Dustin will begin filming his TV show, which I’m helping with, and that will mainly be filmed around the mill/mill neighborhood. CBB and the DWP have a lot up our sleeves, so I’m sure this summer will be super busy for all of us. Anyway…basically, I think we are staying put for a while longer until we know 110% sure we have something lined up that we love as much as Lowe Mill. But yeah, we got some new record shelves (yay!) but it’s getting crammed in here (nay) so Andy and I have been playing tetris with all of these shelves trying to get them to fit and still look nice.

Can I gush a bit more about how awesome it is to FINALLY have window casings? Who knew such a boring part of the house could really make our kitchen complete. Well, that and we were finally able to install our curtain system. THREE YEARS AGO we found the perfect situation for our kitchen curtains. It’s basically a heavy wire that strings through three “brackets” and you tighten it to the desired length, then cut the extra off. I plan on photographing them…and several places in our house as we have been on an estate sale kick and we’ve picked up a lot of gems for our home. And I’ve never done the whole let-me-show-you-my-knick-knacks kinda post, so I’m hoping to do that soon. And I want to enter our home on the “whole house tour” on Apartment Therapy.

Ok so this has turned out to be a bit longer and more “rambling” than I thought, but oh well! I don’t feel like editing for errors, so you’ll have to take it like it is. Hope all is well with everyone else out there!