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2009 Year in Review 01.01.

Jan 09

Spent the New Year with my love and dear friends!

Started 365 Photo Project…and while I need to add the rest of the photos to the set on flickr, I actually did it! I’ll probably do this again next year, and I think Stephanie and I are planning on doing this together as White Rabbit Studios.

Finished up filming Screaming Jenny music video with The Counterclock Wise!

Started to get more serious about Vertical House Wedding Photography and got the chance to photograph some great people!

Ordered Heirloom seeds!!

The Counterclock Wise released their album with a show at Crossroads.

Got a new bike!!

Campouts in the living room!

Garden planning

Feb 09

Featured on Wall Blank!

Chirag and Nancy booked me to photograph their Hindu wedding celebration!

This video.

Filmed the Yummy Gummy Cumdrops and other crude skits.

Frozen pipes!

Breast cancer thoughts…which, I’d like to point out how RIGHT my decision felt about canceling my mammogram. Also, a few weeks ago, over 60 patients were over exposed to radiation during scans at Huntsville Hospital! wtf?!

The Dead Workers put together most of the Screaming Jenny music video. All that lacks are the special effects…in which we hope to start a KickStarter to raise funds to get them finished.

Margarita Mondays!

cuddlebugs and day lily sprouts

The Dead Workers’ HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology video is finished! It’s an informative video about biotechnology and what part the company plays in research and development. You can watch it here.

Went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras/Quintron and Miss Pussycat/Thomas Function/Monotonix show and had an absolute blast!!! I love that entry so much I might just make a softcover book through blurb with all the pics. It would be super cheap, but a really great way to re-live it!

I followed my dad’s advice (“Don’t become a product of your environment, become a product of your dreams and desires”) and began questioning if I wanted to remain at Moore Farms, working with a mean builder (so glad that’s over. And the builder ended up going under…)

Mar 09

A birthday bbq/bonfire!

Strawberries from the year before came back.

Porchie, Sadie, and Maple

willow tree leaves!

We went with Andy’s parents, aunt, and uncle to Miss Mary Bobo’s and the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Lynchburg, TN. Miss Mary’s was amazing with delicious food and friendly folks. I’m really hoping we will be able to go again this year!

drying herbs/gathering seeds

house progress that got us featured on How Much For This Room? on Decor8!

Crash Boom Bang opens Spaghettification and omg it was SUCH great show…everyone had an absolute blast!

I was in a commercial for eyebrows!

seeds arrive!

Spring growth

Apr 09

got a venus fly trap!

garden success

Purgatory Lounge rehearsal

Found out our bathroom wallpaper was featured on Apartment Therapy.

Saturday, April 4th’s Purgatory Lounge where I performed an original song.

Photo sessions with Casey & Rob/Miranda

Record Store Day Celebrations with Goodnight Loving, Nobunny, and Rock ‘n Roll Adventure Kids!!!

mid-April bbq

The start of Cute As Hell

elephant ears & grapes

May 09

Strawberries and herbs harvested from the garden.

Cinco de Mayo celebration at Bandito Burrito!

trips to the farmer’s market!

Monday Funday!!!

Our three year wedding anniversary and I finally got around to processing our images!

Springtime Southern Storms

Maple’s favorite spot in the bathroom.

new couch and chair!

Jun 09

My Broker pulls me out of Moore Farms (wooo!) and Stephanie and I start talking about photo bizz plans…right after a fortune cookie says “it’s time for something new”.


First tee design by the awesome Travis T.

Hurray for the Riff Raff and a surprise Panic Buttons reunion show. These didn’t happen in the same night, but on the same weekend.

backyard summertime

porch parties with friends!

Engagements! 🙂

White Rabbit Studios is born!

Huntsville’s Historic Garden Tour

Kelly and Joel’s wedding in Tucson, Arizona! Where love meets the chaos and crazy good times of us all being together!

Jul 09

Played with Geoff when he came to town at a free show in our store.

Filmed the Valentine Killer with Matt for a Pine Hill Haints video project. Unfortunately, all of the footage has since been trapped on a broken computer. i’m not really sure what Matt’s plans are, but it was still fun running around town for an afternoon.

Josh sent me the preview of what the new Thomas Function album sleeve will look like, with the cover shot being one I took back in May. Here’s a link to the flickr set with more photos from the hilarious shoot.

Largehearted Boy and Jon Busdeker plug Vertical House, specifically Eargasms #5…which you can still download here!

Miranda’s bridal session

July 11th Purgatory Lounge in which I sang an original song.

summer storms

Bennett Nurseries trip to expand our plantings & 4 o’clock blooms!

Aug 09

Shot Nancy and Chirag’s three day, extravagant, Hindu love affair

summer cleaning and homemade eggplant pizza!

Our house is featured on Liz’s blog!

Ms. Nance becomes Mrs. Lewis with a beautiful wedding…and Nicole!

Monday Funday and Stars Baseball!

clematis blooms

Thom Yorke’s 7″

Cajun Cafe trips…deeeeeeelish!!

Maple’s blue ball (lol) and homemade cookies

summer trips to Bennett Nurseries…multiple times.

Monday Funday and Summer kisses at Sonic

this song.

Sep 09

A lovely session with Amy and Randall & the beginning of another brain child (which is so close to being launched!)

homemade potato chips

banana cantaloupe

living room and bedroom views

sunflower fields and Dog Days in Ardmore, TN…and Andy’s Birthday!!


The Missoula Oblongata performs at the Flying Monkey

GONERFEST 6…whew what a trip!

Oct 09

Featured on Offbeat Mama and Rock ‘n Roll Bride!

neat lights and a new potting bench

Ganglians and Wavves show in Birmingham

Robert and I performed our cover of Nancy and Lee’s ‘Ladybird’ both nights of Purgatory Lounge, with a completely different death each night.

fall is here!

Our mom’s birthdays!

Elephant ears in full swing…and a little Maple head in the window.

Burritt Museum in the afternoon glow

White Rabbit Studios sessions

Nov 09

ah wow…short month for posts 🙂

pink fall sunsets

Andy makes his first pecan pie! YUM!

A Thanksgiving weekend full of food and performances!

Dec 09

Friendsgiving ’09!

Christmas tree time!


Welcome to our home, Tiny!

…and welcome to our store, Tiny!

Matt and I do a short for an upcoming kickstarter promo.

A Vertical House Christmas party/potluck/show

Tiny cuddles

December 26th’s Purgatory Lounge in which I sang a cover of “Military Madness”


Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

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MrBarns 07.02.

Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

Jstackhouse 26.02.

Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya 🙂