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Screaming Jenny Take Two 16.01.

It’s bittersweet to say that we are finished filming for the Counterclock Wise “Screaming Jenny” music video with the Dead Workers Party. We spent the day running (and falling) around the inside of the Depot downtown to avoid the rain outside. Luckily, the skies cleared long enough to get a few shots running and hopping on the trains. Now that all the footage is shot, a few of the Dead Workers are going to do their SFX magic and hopefully soon we can see it all come together!

Andy took photos during the scenes with all of the extras. I was upstairs getting into hair and makeup. So, I have no idea what actually happened during these takes.

Matt and I had to do the run-into-each-other-and-fall take at least 10 times.

The band posts a flier for their show (the awesome one Andy made), but gets caught by the Constable and the chase begins.

After running away from the Bobby, the band hops on a train. They had to lip sync to the song several times. I think everyone that was on set now has it memorized.

At some point, Matt(‘s character) day-dreams about running away with Jenny, so they shot that. I think it’s a parallel universe in which Jenny doesn’t end up dying. Remember, she catches on fire! Not sure how it will all come together…but it will be neat to see!

This was actually my first time inside the Depot. The entire second (and soon to be renovated third) floor is a museum of the history of Huntsville. It’s very interesting. One whole room is nothing but a huge model display of Old Huntsville. I’ve got a special place in my heart for model villages.

You can view the entire Screaming Jenny photo set here. You can also see some stills that came directly from the RED One camera…talk about quality!