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Purgatory Lounge 09.04.

On Saturday, April 4th, there was a Purgatory Lounge show. While we only had 7 singers, there were several other theatrical acts that were performed. Overall, the show was a lot of fun! I sang an original song and my death came from being smoked out of my bunker with mustard gas…tin foil hat and all!

*Note: We completely forgot our tripod, so some of these photos are a bit “fuzzier” than I prefer, but I worked with them as best I could. Also, a few of the performers aren’t photographed because either we couldn’t get a good angle or it was just too blurry :/ (Not photographed are Sam, Dawn, and this new guy…whose name I never got).

Patrick opens the show with an original song

Sara sang Nellie McKay’s “I Wanna Get Married”

Intermission Improved Antics

Emily sang an old murder ballad, but I can’t remember the name…

Alicia sang Feist’s “When I Was a Young Girl”

Gabrielle joined Patrick and sang along to his original song “Preacher Man”