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Recent White Rabbit Studios Sessions 30.10.

Stephanie and I have been just the right amount of busy. 2010 definitely looks like a busier year for us, as we are getting wedding inquires anywhere from New Orleans to Baltimore. I’m excited to see the business grow, but also glad we both maintain the thought of not wanting this to become overwhelming.

Today I found a 35mm Olympus OM10 camera with a 50mm (yesssss!) and a telephoto lens….all for $20! The camera and lenses are in fantastic shape…hardly a dust spec in sight. I’m so excited as the Olympus camera I first started out on is now out of commission. This model is the one prior to the kit I started on, but all of the components are practically identical. Andy also found me a super 8mm (working) camera and I am beyond ecstatic. This has been something I’ve wanted to incorporate into our business for a while, but never knew it would fall into place so soon. We still have to get film and make sure everything comes out ok…but once we figure that out, we will be adding it to our wedding packages. I’ve decided to really concentrate on film for a while. Between my dad and I, we have way more invested into film cameras, supplies and the like than I do in digital. He and I have been trying to set up a darkroom for a long time, and now seems more ideal than ever. We have all the chemicals, enlargers, paper, etc for a full fledged darkroom. I’m really crossing my fingers this part of White Rabbit Studios continues to really grow. I know there’s a market for something like this in Huntsville as I have yet to find a competitive wedding photographer that offers film with their packages. Hopefully this will be the niche we seize.

Anyway, I want to post some of the photos I’ve taken while on this WRS journey of selected recent clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Seriously, these people are so inspiring, and I love being able to capture these moments.

Jane and John




PA246129 PA246159
Jane and John Jane and John

The stunning Jane and John bridal portraits…as well as their mountain top wedding.




The couple that makes growing with a partner effortless and exciting, Richard and Judy.



PA124618 PA124692

The sweet baby girl and her new life.