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Crash Boom Bang Theatre Presents: “Spaghettification” 23.03.

What a weekend! Friday night’s show was bad. By the end of the show, everyone was beating themselves up. It all started with the light board tripping the breaker in the second scene, then half of the third scene gets cut because of dropped lines, and it’s just a snowball down hill from there. Even in the very beginning, before things started going wrong, the crowd wasn’t very responsive…so I guess we all just gave in to it being a bad show. But, maybe it’s what we needed. Because Saturday night (closing night) was absolutely perfect. The audience laughed at everything…it was wonderful! We were getting cheers and applause between every scene. Our energy was through the roof and everyone was extremely focused, determined not to drop any lines. By the end of the show, when we were doing cast photos, there were so many people that stuck around just to take photos of the cast and crew. It is so wonderful to go out with a bang! It’s always bittersweet to be finished with a show, especially such a wonderful script that we ran five times. Thankfully, we are going to film this and create a movie from it. Tomorrow we are having a cast party/BBQ/filming session…that will be lots of fun!

Below the cut you can see photos as well as a small description of each scene.

The crew tries to avoid eye contact with Steev since they are about to remove his emotion processing core.

The crew of MS JAXXON follow orders to take the Kobiyashi Metamoodz 9000 from Steev to put into MS JAXXON so the Captain can gain manual control to fly them into the black hole where he thinks he can become one with MS JAXXON.

Captain Hermes Hawk in his quarters talking to MS JAXXON.

Ed and Judith meditate and try to calm down after the chaos with Steev.

Ed and Judith head to Adidas Jansport’s quarters to discuss what the Captain’s plans are. They discover his newly grown root.

Chuck and the Doc present the Captain the Kobiyashi Metamoodz 9000.

Ed, Judith, and Adidas find Chuck to try to talk him out of going along with the Captain and flying into the black hole.

The Doc ponders going on a space walk and explains how he ended up on the ship.

Adidas Jansport’s root has grown a flower that emits a sleeping gas. The crew meets Alpha and Omega that are here to “rescue them” (read: kill them all).

Adidas Jansport’s root has grown a flower that emits a sleeping gas. The crew meets Alpha and Omega that are here to “rescue them” (read: kill them all).

Doc discovers the crew is passed out after deciding against his space walk.

After the Doc and Steev move Adidas into an airlock, the crew awakens to learn that Shasta (Ed and Judith’s daughter) is trapped on board Alpha and Omega’s ship with Omega, who has a knife and plans to kill Shasta. Alpha explains how he and his sister have come into power and destroyed all of human kind.

After Omega kills the Doc, Judith knocks her out and the Captain locks them in an airlock. The rest of the crew gets on board Alpha and Omega’s ship with plans to head back to Ganges 6. The Captain has gained manual control of MS JAXXON and plans on flying himself, along with Alpha and Omega, into the black hole to be rid of them forever…and become one with the spaceship he’s in love with.

Details on stage: keyboard (we are fucked man) & the Captain’s haikus.

Curtain call!

Adidas Jansport (Chris Short)

Alpha (Micah Young) and Judith Kildare (me!)

Dr. Ed Planck (Ben Rhyne) and Judith Kildare

Steev (Sam McLeroy), Alpha, Ed, and Judith

Alpha, Judith, Chuck (Conrad)

Family Portrait: Judith, Shasta (Lynsie), and Ed

Family Portrait: Judith, Shasta, Ed

Ed and Judith

Judith, Ed, and Captain Hermes Hawk

Cast Photos


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