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Come July, It WIll Be Like Christmas…With FOOD! 21.01.

Wahoo! Last night I placed an order for heirloom seeds for our 2009 jardin. I’m sure we’ll add things here and there when the time comes to visit nurseries around town. I’m just excited to know that the seeds we harvest will be able to be planted next season with fruits and veggies that are the same as the parent. I’ve also been gathering flower seeds that attract bees and hummingbirds. Thankfully, we already have several places established with Clematis, and bees LOVE it! Pollinate, don’t vaccinate!

Star Market’s free calendars have information about gardening productivity and the moon phases and such according to each day. That’s really helpful! I’ve already gone through and made notes about what we can do in our garden/yard on our days off. We also bought a soaker hose since they were on sale. I plan on salvaging more from thrift stores and such and converting them to soaker hoses so our entire yard can eventually be watered that way. I’d also like to try rain collection even though we don’t have gutters. I figure if I put it on a corner, it’s bound to get plenty of run-off to make it worthwhile.

OK Spring, I’m ready!