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Weekend Events: Goodnight Loving, Record Store Day, and Nobunny 23.04.

We had quite the busy (last) weekend with celebrating Record Store Day. On Thursday, we had in-store performances from Goodnight Loving and Andy Dale Petty. The crowd was great, and really loved the show! This was Goodnight Loving’s second show in Huntsville, and it’s always great to see them. They’ll also be back for this year’s Bamalama Fest (CAN’T WAIT!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of photos on Record Store Day (Saturday) cause we were so busy. The Dastardly Do Nothings, The Mosied Posies, and Christian James and the Coyotes (pictured below) played in-store throughout the day.

On Sunday, we had a BBQ with a few friends (and our bunny ears!) on our porch before the Nobunny and Rock N Roll Adventure Kids show in our store. Right as we finished grilling, the tornado sirens started going off. We moved stuff inside, and continued drinking our Porcharitas (tequila, beer, and frozen lime aid mix) in the living room before eventually heading up to the store. Luckily, we still had a great crowd despite the apparent false tornado alarm. Oh man…Nobunny, Nobunny…how much I love you. Let me count the ways! This was seriously one of the greatest shows I have ever been to. The entire crowd was hopping (yuk yuk) around to the music and signing along. Justin (Nobunny, himself) was excited to see that so many people knew the words and were having such a good time. The bands ended up staying with us and the next morning, around lunch, we took them to Bandito Burrito where they got the hook up with free food. They really enjoyed Huntsville and will hopefully come back sooner than later…I think they mentioned sometime this fall hoping to come back this way.

Ellis, me, and Nichole


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