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Garden Inspiration 18.06.

A couple of weekends ago, Andy and I went to Huntsville’s Historic Hidden Gardens Tour. It was a wonderful day for it! Bright and sunny…perfect for a bike ride, then walks in gardens. And the refreshments were delicious! While none of the gardens absolutely blew me away, we did get some ideas for our own patch of Earth. We recently obtained quite a few Hostas, so I was looking at what plants looked good with them and such. Apparently, it’s classic to have Hydrangeas and Hostas…which is fine by me. Easy to grow, and thrives in our area. I’m eying these huge Icecap Hydrangeas from a gardening catalog I get (lol 10 years ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me I’d subscribe to garden seed/plant catalogs). I think they would make a marvelous cover along the back of our beautiful chain link fence.

Unfortunately, I didn’t check and both batteries for our P&S were on their last leg, so I had to shoot super fast and be very picky. And I didn’t really want to haul the Olympus around on our bikes, so it was guerrilla photoging for sure. Anyway, here are a few favorite images from the tour.

I love this patch! Hostas, Sedum, and Ferns yes please!

such a simple, but gorgeous flower arrangement

water collection from the roof

one of my favorite homes

another awesome patch…love the bricks

hydrangeas & birdhouse

you know me and walls