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so…busy… 10.09.


Oh boy! White Rabbit Studios had the WONDERFUL pleasure of shooting this fabulous engagement session starring Amy and Randell. I met Randell a couple of years ago during Crash Boom Bang’s “A Few Good Minutes” and he was also the saving grace that hung all of our new drywall. I’m so happy he’s found his other half…and boy are they a perfect patch!





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P9060579 P9060951

P9060720 P9060676

Speaking of WRS, we are currently in the middle of a site re-do. I can’t wait. It will be softer, and more of our style. The website we’re using at this point was thrown together SUPER fast in order for us to set up a table at The Gallery Tour when it came through Lowe Mill/Flying Monkey. Business is picking up at a nice pace. I’d like to stay in love with this profession, so it’s nice that we aren’t overwhelmed with wedding after wedding every weekend or anything. I’ve perused countless blogs and sites of other photogs all around the world and I’ve seen several that limit themselves to two weddings a month to ensure their eye stays fresh and their head clear of “congestion.” I think that’s a good idea. I don’t want to get stuck in a rut shooting the same thing over and over. And I’m super excited that all the weddings we have lined up are in such locations as a 1800’s house with acres of gardens, the Burritt Museum on the Mountain, Huntsville Museum of Art, Early Works Museum/Constitution Village, a historic church in Birmingham, and other fantastic, unique venues. Should keep things interesting!

Hi Fi Weddings

I’ve also solidified another brain child I had in the womb (?) It’s called Hi-Fi Weddings and the plan is to turn it into a kick ass resource guide for brides and grooms to search for awesome (ie not top 40 hits) music and stunning images. I’ve got quite the list started, in addition to the mixes I made during our wedding. I want to have a forum so that brides and grooms can share ideas and talk amongst themselves. Also, I hope to have DJs to match up with couples that are looking for NOT the chicken dance…and photographers that can produce quality images that last a lifetime. While I’ve secured the domain, everything else is still in the wee early stages, but I’m glad to finally have my head wrapped around this idea. I hope it will work out well. Lord knows what I would have given to have a site like this when I was searching for music to play. Also, some of you lovely lj friends have incredible weddings I’d love to feature on the site once everything is up and at’em (I’m staring hard at you Sarah, ).

I’ve also got a ton of “yay life” photos to upload…including ones from Andy’s birthday, which was on Monday, Labor Day. I’ll let them speak for themselves though cause I won’t do them justice.

We are gathering stuff to have a yard sale. We’re looking at doing it on the 19th. I have a vow renewal to shoot this weekend. Next weekend will be the yard sale, and the following weekend is GONER FEST! I’m so so so so excited! I cannot wait!

Hmmm…what else? Oh yeah! So last night we battled FORTY FLIES that just appeared out of nowhere in our bathroom. It was gross, but a sight to see, I’m sure. We had both doors shut and we were whacking away left and right until we had a graveyard of flies in the middle of our bathroom floor. SICK! I have NO idea how they are coming in or where they are coming from. They were small, so it seems as if they were born somewhere in the house and all hung out in the same window. I dunno…ew.