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This Summer Will Be RAD! 09.04.

Oh man…just in time. I was beginning to go a little stir crazy! I’ve missed the CBB folks! What’s even more exciting is Crash Boom Bang and the Dead Workers Party are coming together to make this summer a blast! We have 3 (or 4?) shows scheduled each month so it should be tons of fun! People are pumping out skit ideas and they are hilarious!

We’re doing the show in connector “lounge” on the first floor, so this will be a totally new experience for everyone. Matt came over last week sometime and we shot the pic for the flyer. Well, actually it was just supposed to be for facebook, but it ended up getting used as the flyer. Matt started out in some boring black shorts that just weren’t working for the ideas we had, so he cut off some old jeans and I gave him a bottle of wine…and one shocker later – VOILA! A flyer! Initially he wanted to go outside and take the photo, but we were getting a new roof, so I think he got a little shy. He didn’t really want to be in the backyard in some short shorts taking photos haha!

Rehearsals start next week and I couldn’t be more ready!

Short Shorts!