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Kitchen Window Casings/Sills & Our Gingerbread “House” 09.01.

Well, it finally happened! We finally have window casings and sills. Last year we didn’t really bother heating the kitchen (well, not ┬ácounting the space heater we would stick under the sink to keep the pipes warm) but this year we have a radiant heater! I’m so excited to no longer have to avoid our kitchen in the winter. I mean, it was SO COLD. Our kitchen is north facing, so it stays in shadows all winter. Cold, cold shadows. It’s amazing how well this radiant heater works though! And we no longer feel the drafts blowing in!

Windows Before

The windows before we started work. Well, these are just the windows above the sink…there are three sets of windows like this in the kitchen.

Kitchen During Work

During the work. This is under the above set of windows. The sink has been pulled out to run the baseboards behind it and install the window sill.

Window Sill!

During work. Measuring the sills.

Window Casings!!!

The kitchen is still disarray in this shot, but you can see a completed window – with casings and sill. All that is missing is a couple coats of paint. I plan on painting everything when the weather warms up a bit because I think painting in these temperatures is a waste of time.

Kitchen Window Sill

a sill a sill a sill! Now to fill them with trinkets!

Tiny and Sadie

Sadie and Tiny say hello by the heater


After weeks of work, we can finally put our kitchen back together. Sadie missed her “spot” by the window…although she loves having it back!

Living Room

Our living room scattered with kitten toys, records, and dvds. We were on a Bill Murray kick (Stripes is on the tv) while we made our gingerbread house.

Gingerbread "House"

hahaha it took us like 10 minutes to throw that thing together. We actually forgot about it before Christmas, so the novelty of a gingerbread house was gone when our tree was out the door, but I knew it wouldn’t last for a year so we just kinda half assed it. More like quarter-assed it lol.