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Featured on Apartment Therapy! 02.03.

Apartment Therapy Feature!

I almost missed this! Thanks to Steph for pointing out that our house was featured on Apartment Therapy! That’s twice now! I had been contacted by Sarah (the author of the post) a bit ago and she told me they were going to feature it, but I wasn’t sure when!

lol after reading all those comments, I should make a point to snap a few shots with the curtains un-tied. People have made comments about it before when I posted in SaucyDwellings, but in all honesty, I always forget about them when I decide to photoshoot the house. We tie then back for three reasons: to let the kitties have a place to sit…and for Tiny not to climb (yep, they are the first reason haha), to let light in, and because it’s cheap and easy – no hardware or anything. And it lets in way more light than just pushing them aside. I know I don’t have to “defend” myself on this issue…it’s more of an explanation and me talking to myself about how I should photograph at least one shot with them down.