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First February’s Monday Funday 07.02.

We returned to where Monday Funday all started, La Alemeda for the first one in February. I’m pretty sure their margarita prices went up…but overall the entire ticket seemed more expensive. I guess that’s why we started looking around initially. It’s like we’ve done a tour of Mexican restaurants here in Huntsville. Still haven’t found the one though. I can’t wait until Summer is here and Monday nights are spent BBQing!

Monday Funday Monday Funday

Monday Funday

Andy found Tiny sleeping on me like this on Tuesday morning. Hello greasy bangs! After dinner we went to Travis and Nicole’s house for a bit before walking down to LeAnn’s…where there was free pool. Andy and I didn’t stay for long…I don’t last too late on Monday Fundays haha. We walked back to our cars with David and Ellis, but it had started to rain. So wet hair and crashing hard leads to greasy bangs in the morning!

Sleeping Situation Sleeping Situation