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garden life! 13.04.

Andy and I have been diligently working in the garden. We have a lot more time this year than we did last year…at least it feels that way. We have been getting up around 7am to do any planting or weeding, so everything can get watered before the midday sun hits.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Flower

strawberry flower! I know you are supposed to pick off the white flowers the first year to help produce more stalks for more strawberries, but I can’t remember if you do it every year.

Berry Bush Berry Bush

Berry Bush



broccoli flowers…I LOVE them!


sedum in the wheelbarrow

Grape Vine

grapevine that is making it’s way around the garage



more blueberries!

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

bleeding hearts! I’m especially proud to show off this plant because we planted in it the ground as our first part of our “ultimate side shade garden” and it came back! We thought it was a goner, but voila! Yay!

Yellow Jasmine Vine

oh yellow jasmine…how I love thee! We had a bad wind storm come through and knock down our one year old vine, but it still flourished this spring with lots of blooms! And it’s growing so much! I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a climbing vine. Not to mention the fragrance…it’s smells SO good!




The only bad thing about gardening are not being able to let the kitties out to enjoy the weather with us. It wasn’t bad keeping track of Sadie and Maple in the yard last year, but with Tiny being so young and FAST, I don’t think it’s worth it. She’d slip through the fence in no time! Plus, we haven’t gotten her fixed yet, so I don’t want her to run off and end up preggers. Which reminds me I need to add “get Tiny fixed” to our rather large to-do list.