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A Leap 20.02.

Well, I finally did it. I told myself I would hold off until there was an HD camera…and now there are two! I bit the bullet. I caved. I gave in and treated myself to a new phone. Actually, we both did. We are now iphone users. You guys, I NEVER thought I could love a phone so much.

Having email, calendar, face to face (!!!), and a decent camera all in one little rectangle has been a rather thrilling advance into the 21st century. By the way, I went from a broken-screened, scratched to hell, tacky mess of a Razor to an iphone…a nice LEAP if I do say so myself.

I’ve been trying (keyword: trying) not to inundate my facebook with a million photos everyday, but alas, the weather is getting warmer and life is happening! Here’s proof:

Sky Jonathan Richman...this is happening right now!

Pretty Sunsets! And Jonathan Richman played at the Flying Monkey. It was SUCH a great show…usually is, but this time was especially rad.

Record wall completeWindows

We made a record wall at our store! It looks SO neat! Expect to see this in upcoming White Rabbit Studios photo sessions. The second shot is from inside Bill’s print studio inside of Lincoln Mills (I loved the lighting).

Foiled! Font Hunting

Earlier this week we went with Rachel (from Green Pea Press) to buy fonts and a cabinet from Bill, a guy who has carried on letterpress since his grandfather’s time. He is such an interesting character (lol get it? fonts. character?! wink wink) and even took us all out to lunch one day! He has an incredible space at Lincoln Mills with so many machines, fonts, paper, and supplies. He’s moving into a smaller part of the building, so he’s having to sell some of his equipment.