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Big Canoe, Georgia 15.07.

A few weekends ago we shot a STUNNING wedding in Big Canoe, Georgia. Jaime, the bride, had told us it was a gated community, but we NEVER imagined just how fancy it would be. Nestled in the mountains about an hour north of Atlanta is a serene setting for a true Southern wedding. While I can’t show the photos form the wedding just yet, I do have some fun fone (phone) fotos from the trip! It was about a 3 and a half hour drive, and we made great time getting there…however after getting lost in Big Canoe for half an hour, seeing a horrible wreck near Chattanooga and getting detoured 30 minutes out of the way, which made us pass the exit we needed, driving another half hour out of the way, retracing our route through Sewanee, getting pulled over by a (nice) cop (no ticket!) we finally made it back home in one piece (well, there were three of us – so three pieces)!

Huddle House breakfast and foggy road

pit stop and Big Canoe

more pit stop fun, Big Canoe, and wedding details