The Real Vertical House
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House Hoose Heese 04.08.

Slowly but surely progress has been coming along with our upstairs! Randall and his dad have been a HUGE blessing with helping us along and crossing off our to-do list! They did pretty much all of the “dirty” work. Everything from ripping out stuff that wasn’t needed anymore, to patching in flooring where wood had rotted away, to adding insulation, to hanging new drywall (nothing like that smell – smells like progress), to everything in between. They got us to the point where we could re-finish our hardwoods, which was a bitch – still is…we’re in the middle of that project currently.

Most of the photos from here on out will be taken with my phone since it’s a bit too dusty to bring up my “good” cameras. Once everything is done, I’ll have a good ole’ fashioned photo shoot with our beloved Shag Nasty.

saw, ripping up the rotted floor in the former bathroom, support joists added, NEW FLOORING IN PLACE!

upstairs landing back to original layout and the beginning of tearing down the drywall covering the gorgeous wood ceiling, INSULATION!, the to-do list, only way to get drywall in – through the upstairs window!

The full scene! This was SO nerve wracking to watch! One flick of the wrist and our entire front facade or porch roof could have been destroyed. The guys at Rocket City Drywall are AMAZING!

The sweet, sweet smell of new drywall!

painting what will be the office!, guest bedroom painted a lovely shade of mint, next up: ripping out the carpet, the beginning of a nightmare (first layer of carpet was easy…the second, not so much)

first glimpse of hardwoods!, whew…quite the project ahead of us, bedroom carpet ripped up…only to find this paper all over the floor, looked all over the internet to discover a wallpaper steamer is the best way to remove the tar paper!

the wallpaper steamer worked!, six hours later and we’ve got hardwoods!!, time to try in the office, Tiny fell asleep on the job lol

bustin’ out the big guns!, first run with the coarse paper