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Record Store Day 2013 and Happenin’ Fest 02.05.

4/20 YEAH!!!! April 20th was one of the best days of the year! We started out with a wild record store day which transitioned into Happenin’ Fest around 5pm. We probably hit the sack around 3am…but it was well worth the long day! Hopefully this partnership with RSD and HF will continue because it was a great success! Andy and I (with the help of Travis and Bood) had to man the store until around 9pm when we were able to close our doors and catch some of the show. Super stoked to have caught 4 of my favorites: Useless Eaters, Sugar Stems, ST, and Mean Jeans (which were UH-MAZING)!

The eve before RSD!

the day’s essentials, Sparks!, midday mimosas, sunset at Happenin’ Fest

Here’s an awesome video of the initial rush of Record Store Day!

Useless Eaters, Sugar Stems, ST, Mean Jeans!