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Dear Kauai, I Love You (Part One – Instagram) 22.05.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Everyone should experience Kauai. While I’m sure every island of Hawaii is stunning, Kauai is absolutely magical! We woke up every morning with the sun rise and started the day breathing the fresh air in our “Thai Garden House“. There were fruit trees surrounding us and an organic garden right outside our doorway. We found Anthony & Hami’s place on airbnb. The pictures and descriptions don’t do the property or hosts justice. Not only did they ensure our stay was comfortable, but they invited us to a potluck at their place (complete with a ukulele and guitar player and hula dancing)! Another huge bonus, we were only a ten minute walk from one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen – Moloaa Bay!

We spent time exploring beach towns, hiking in jungles, canoeing a river (which turned into a crazy survival “adventure” – story for another day y’all), swimming in waterfall pools, snorkeling with fish (and eels – eep!), feeding chickens (and cats – they are EVERYWHERE! Yay!), sightseeing canyons, traversing coastlines, eating delicious meals and exotic fruits, and soaking in every single inch of scenery!

I brought along an entire backpack of film (35 and 120mm) and a few of my favorite travel cameras. Thank goodness they still make waterproof disposable cameras (they came in handy during our snorkeling and river days). It was wonderful to re-live every moment when my film scans were sent to me! I was definitely not ready to come home and I cried 4 times when leaving the island. I have a strong feeling that at some point in our lives together, Andy and I will make Kauai our home (in some form or fashion).

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