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The Beginning 11.09.

Let this blog post be the first scribbles of the direction I want to go. While I’ve collected supplies (chemicals, enlargers, equipment), and I’ve known that one day I will set up a dark room – I want to go beyond that. I want to photograph, develop, scan, and print my own everything. I want to extend White Rabbit Studios to be more than just a wedding and portrait photography businesses. I want to create genuine art with my hands – the entire process. Color and b/w film. While I’m already shooting with film (one of my goals met yay), but I currently send off the film for developing. I want everything I deliver to my clients to be handmade: from the prints, to the albums, to the boxes. The more I can do myself or locally, the better.

I’m in the beginning process of making this a reality and couldn’t be more excited! Of course, I have to remember to take deep breaths and have patience. I’ve been looking at studio spaces (at Lowe Mill, or course) – planning, scheming, and dreaming. I’m the type that as soon as an idea pops in my head, I’m ready to hit the ground running to make it happen. However, I’m giving myself about a year and a half to make this thought tangible – by the time I’m 30. I love having set goals and I realize that’s the best way Andy and I both are. We love working towards something and always having our minds focusing ahead. Ever since we’ve been together, it’s how we’ve grown all of our businesses. I feel like this is another stepping stone for our path. It’s always thrilling when the next milestone makes itself known to us.

Here’s to the future! Three cheers!