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Photo a Day: December 2012 01.01.

Hurray! The world didn’t end on the 21st! Last night we wrapped 2012 with a show in our record store! It was an absolute BLAST! Not only did Porcharitas and Really Loud Hamburgers play, but we opened for one of my favs – The Sugar Stems! We had around 100 folks there to celebrate, and it was great! Lots of friends, good music, and dance parties! It’s pretty crazy how fast this year flew by. I’m stoked for 2013 and the road ahead! I’m working on my “hopefulutions” (hopeful resolutions)…one which includes to blog more than just my photo a day projects. We’ll see though. Now that instagram has profiles and tumblr is a one-click blog template, it’s just too easy. I started blogging (before there were digital cameras) with the intention of only really wanting a photo blog (I used to scan my film). I think I’ve had the tagline “I want a camera in my eye” before Wilco wrote that song (probs not really, but you know). Anyway, cheers to the New Year!

8 o’clock, peace, something you held, b/w

where I live(d), stars, someone I love, out and about

under, sweet, hat, lights

something green, outdoors, something I made, on the floor

makes me feel merry, ‘s’, weather, tree

decoration, joy, tradition, lunchtime

mess, how you relax, cold, hot

something that made me smile, self-portrait

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