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Photo a Day: April 2012 01.05.

Rabbit rabbit! I can’t believe it’s arealdy May! Let’s rewind to last month: I took a photo every day in April, according to her challenge. April brought RECORD STORE DAY 2012 and it was absolutely incredible! The following Monday Vertical House Records also had our first show in our new space (love love love it!). And how could I forget the Hunx and Natural Child show?! Fucking fun! Those few events were definitely the highlights of the month! But here’s the day to day:

my reflection, color, mail, someone who makes me happy (Alex Chilton)

Tiny, lunch, shadow, inside my wallet (well, Andy’s)

younger me, cold (beer), where I ate breakfast, stairs

something I found, how I felt (as bright as my skirt!), sunset, flower

something I don’t like (when the cheese dip runs dry), hair (needs a trim), orange, something I drew

bottle, last thing I bought (food plants!), vegetable (okra!), something I’m grateful for (life and love)

looking down, black & white, somewhere I went (work at the store!), 1pm (buying a stack of 45s)

circle, something that makes me sad (our “show lights” went out…gotta find the blown fuse)

And here are the months of January, February, March!